In a Holding Pattern

2017-May-Deck View
A healing view

It’s been 10 days since the biopsy, and my leg is finally starting to improve.  The biopsy was negative for both infection and cancer, which was a big relief.  This has left my doctor scratching his head. Something is definitely not normal with my tibia, but there is no obvious diagnosis at this point — just vague speculation.  My doctor has recommended giving it a few weeks rest to see whether it resolves itself, before doing additional, and potentially more invasive, testing.  I’ve also been seeing an acupuncturist regularly, which has been helpful.

There’s definitely something going on here!  The contrast makes it look like a hole in my bone — don’t wory, it’s not.
Jeff with heat lamp
Heat lamp and Chinese tincture treatment

While this ordeal has been disappointing, the upside is that Lissa and I have gotten to spend some time together.  Last Wednesday, the day the biopsy results came back, was her birthday.  It was quite a gift for both of us.  We celebrated with a bottle of wine and dinner at a local tapas restaurant.

Baby Chickadees
Baby Carolina chickadees almost ready to fledge.  They took over the bluebird nesting box.
A Rose Breasted Grosbeak at the feeder.  We have two nesting pairs this year!

So that’s the plan. I’ve been cleared to do some easy spinning on my indoor bike and light walking without crutches. My hope is that I will be able to resume my trip next month sometime.  I’ll keep you posted!


5 thoughts on “In a Holding Pattern”

  1. Thanks for keeping everyone up to date.   Rest and do what Dr. Lissa says and hopefully you will be back on your journey.   Your body evidently needed some healing time, so enjoy your porch, the view and the company.  Wishing you well and a healthy recovery.Betty


  2. It sounds like your in good hands and doing what you’re supposed to. Enjoy your downtime knowing you had good news. Love, N


  3. Fantastic!! We are so happy and relieved for you guys. Lissa….SO SORRY we missed your birthday…HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! All of our best! Glenda & Steve


  4. Wonderful news, follow the doctor’s advice and even if you don’t go cross country, there are wonderful, amazing things right there at home.. including you! Get Well Soon! Happy Birthday, Lissa.


  5. Bob and I are so happy to hear this outcome. Prayers for continued healing and complete resolution. Back on the road!


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