Man Plans and God Laughs

Jeff in Garden
Back home

After two days, and much soul searching from my motel room in Cadiz, OH, it became clear that my leg was not getting better. The pain was substantial enough that I could not continue cycling. A trip home for some rest and medical attention seemed a prudent approach. Lissa drove the thousand-mile round trip to retrieve me last weekend, getting me home in time to make it to the walk-in Orthopedic clinic first thing Monday morning. An MRI was ordered and I quickly got an appointment for Monday afternoon.

The MRI results came back on Tuesday. Apparently, my problem is very unusual – which is not something one wants to hear as a patient.  The orthopedist thought it was most likely a chronic bone infection, but could also be a cancerous lesion.  A bone biopsy was performed today.  Results should be back next week — which will hopefully provide a definitive diagnosis, and determine the next steps.  In the meantime, I am on crutches, and not very mobile.  Finishing my bike trip is on hold for now.  It is very disappointing, to say the least!

Jeff - Post Biopsy
Recovering from the biopsy

This is yet another lesson in dealing with whatever comes your way. Life has a way of doing that. I have learned that you just can’t predict what’s next.  I will keep you informed when the bike adventures resume.

Thanks to all of you who have been following my journey, and encouraging me along the way. You have inspired me.

Jeff & Bill at Tims House

Tobacco Barn

PA Bicycle Route Sign

Jeff on Bike

13 thoughts on “Man Plans and God Laughs”

  1. Bummer, Jeff! Hoping and praying for best possible outcome on biopsy.

    Know you’ll pick up where you left off on that trek— hopefully soon.



  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Lissa. You are both incredible people who continue to inspire us with your grace, resilience and happiness.


  3. What an exciting adventure you picked out. I was excited to read about each day and keep up with you on Spot. So sorry for new direction – or maybe just delay? By the smiling you are doing in the pictures, it appears that man laughs too! My best, tim

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  4. Jeff, I am sorry to hear you had a detour.. they say “Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans” please take care of yourself & stay strong. I’m hoping for good results and quick healing. My prayers are with you. I’m sure Lissa is your hero for driving 1000 miles to rescue you. You two are lucky to have each other. Please keep me posted!


  5. Jeff you are such a hero in my book and one who seems quite able to meet even the toughest obstacles with grace, courage and a very light touch. I have loved following your journey and will continue to do so. Sending you very much love with wishes for your healing and joyful adventures onward.


  6. So sorry about this setback. We hope to see your smiling face soon and that you get some answer before long. Xoxo


  7. JW…even though sometimes it appears we do not have our hands on the steering wheel of life, I would argue that some of us always do…someone like you. I continue to be impressed in your approach to all things, your honest assessment of what is important in life and the daily way you represent the righteous approach. Fortunate to know you and thanks for allowing me to share in the journey. Hang tough my friend.


  8. Jeff, Bob and I are so sorry that your adventure has been cut short. We pray for the best result of these tests that is possible. Blessings, Bob and Karyn Packard


  9. I’m sorry your trip was cut short. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope for grace and gentleness with your healing. Thank you for the invitation to witness your journey. You are a true inspiration and a reminder of the capacities of the fullness of life lived through a listening heart. Many blessings, Shari


  10. Consider this just a hiccup. Take a rest and I know that with your determination you will deal with this and move forward. The trip is not cancelled, just taking a nap. Hugs to you both and keep us updated on your test results. 👍


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