Two Months Cycling in Germany

DSC00631-C This isn’t a “Bucket List” trip, although we probably wouldn’t be taking it if Jeff didn’t have lung cancer.  His cancer has taught us to not defer those things that are important to us.  Jeff was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in September of 2013, and given a prognosis of 8-17 months.  Eight months later we took a one month cycling trip in Holland.  It is now 20 months post diagnosis and we have just arrived in Frankfurt, Germany with no definite plans other than a return ticket home, and chemotherapy half way through.

9 thoughts on “Two Months Cycling in Germany”

  1. You guys look great!! The blog is fantastic and we look forward to following your adventure. Cheers and hope to see you in Europe.


  2. Lissa, Glad you all have made it and started on your jouney. Good luxk, will be thinking of you and with you well.


  3. You two are AMAZING!! So happy to get to follow your adventure through your blog! Take care of those outfits, have a blast and cheers!


  4. Lissa and Jeff, everything is well at your home. Happy plants and happy menagerie. Enjoy. We will follow the blog expectantly. Bob and Karyn


  5. Hey guys…glad to hear you made it safely. So, the bike did not go together easily huh? Imagine that…hope it was nothing a beer and some selective vocabulary couldn’t address.


  6. Thank you for allowing me to share your journey. Its wonderful to see you two with such big smiles and following your dream.
    No one knows exactly how much time we have, not even Doctors.
    “Que Sera, Sera
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours to see
    Que Sera, Sera
    Keep on Truckin!


  7. You guys look great and ready for adventure. Lissa I’ve missed your stories, I am looking forward to following your travels. Be safe and have a great time

    Sue Schulze


  8. Brenda told me about the blog during her hair cut on Thursday! I couldn’t wait to check it out:) be safe


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