Westward Ho – 2019

2019-Cross Country Map

Here we go again!

Two years ago, my good friend Bill and I set off on our bicycles from Atlantic City, NJ, heading west. The plan was for me to ride across the country with Bill accompanying me for the first week. I got as far as Cadiz, Ohio before discontinuing the trip due to health problems.

We are ready to set out together again — this time, starting from Washington DC on April 20th — my 63rd birthday. We are heading west with the goal of reaching Anacortes, WA sometime in August. We will be self-supported, carrying all we need to camp and live outside for the most part. I will have to get a couple of infusions of Chemotherapy along the way, once in Kansas City and again in Missoula, MT. Otherwise, we have no particular schedule to keep except to return home (by plane) sometime in August.

This trip did not come easily.  I developed a metastasis in my left eye in January, which after two weeks of radiation is on the mend, albeit with a detached retina and loss of vision. I fractured my big toe, bruised my ribs and injured my back in late March, which is slowly on the mend.  These events significantly hampered my training for this trip. My doctor’s advice is to start nice and easy and “ride how you feel.”  Bill was able to get a four-month leave of absence to make this happen. I am very grateful to my wife, Lissa, Bill, his lovely wife, Lynette and his employer for making possible a dream we have both had for years.

We are carrying a Garmin GPS device that will show our position and allow us to communicate using texts when out of Cell phone coverage.  As of April 20th, you can track our progress using this link.

Road Brother Bill
Road Brother Jeff


17 thoughts on “Westward Ho – 2019”

    1. Jeff and Bill, know that you will be in our prayers. What courage and faith to set out on a journey like this. I look forward to reading about your adventures and keeping op with your story. God speed and safe travels my friends.


  1. I am so happy to hear you are once again pursuing your dream. I pray that the stars (and GPS) will guide you both on this adventure of a lifetime. Jeff, you are one of the most amazing men I had the pleasure of knowing in my life and your positive attitude has taught me to move forward even when the road is not easy. Thanks for sharing this trip.. God Bless you both and keep you safe!


  2. Awesome!! We are so glad to hear that you are on your way again! Best wishes on a great adventure. Hi to Lissa from us! Glenda & Steve


  3. Bill and Jeff,

    SAFE travels! I will be tracking your progress and can’t wait to see you both get to that finish line! Enjoy the adventure!

    The Rukas Family


  4. Jeff & Bill,
    Jeff – you’ve been an inspiration to me since we met, you continually amaze me! Happy 63rd!
    Bill – you have precious cargo, keep him safe! And of course, yourself too 🙂
    Have a wonderful, safe, and exciting trip. We look forward to tracking your progress, Godspeed – Debbie & Dudley


  5. Truly awesome! So glad you’re getting the chance to experience this. Godspeed to both of you and looking forward to your updates!


  6. Bill & Jeff, wishing you a fun time on your journey across the United States. Looking forward to monitoring your trek when you land in the Buckeye state. Safe travels! – Rob


  7. Jeff and Bill–
    Wishing you the very best as you start this wonderful journey — mild weather, respectful auto traffic, excellent health and resilience. Be safe and enjoy it! — Lisa


  8. Another amazing trip that i am enjoying following! I haven’t seen any posts lately – I wonder if I am not using this site correctly. tim simon


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