It’s been a long and wondrous journey. We have cycled for 46 days, ridden 1500 miles, followed 8 rivers, slept in 50 different towns and cities, not to mention the hundreds we have ridden through.  We have experienced many beautiful and amazing sights, emotions, places and people. Lissa and I have experienced all of this together.  Riding a tandem bicycle gives us a profound feeling of being connected. We pedal each stroke together, stop pedaling together, feel every bump in the road, every hill, every blast of wind, every sound. We’ve gotten lost and found our way, together. We’ve been challenged, elated, tired, joyful, hot, cold, wet, amazed, and awed, together. I feel deeply connected to Lissa. She is my best friend; we are truly intertwangled.
We have lived each day in the moment, barely able to think about tomorrow. It has reinforced the importance of today, a subject that I have learned a lot about.  Thank you to everyone who has followed us on this beautiful journey. It has touched our hearts to know you are with us.

14 thoughts on “Together”

  1. Beautifully said, Jeff! It was a privilege to live your adventure vicariously through your fabulous blog. What a trip!


  2. If this was theater, you would both deserve and receive a standing ovation!! A beautiful journey and story. We are privileged to have been able to share it with you. See you stateside!!


  3. I’ve loved reading about your journey, and you give the lie to the insular American !
    I hope you can carry these feelings back to your “normal” life- which I suspect has never been normal.
    I send you much love


  4. Like the others above I have read every post. The pictures have been beautiful and I am sure every moment has been as well, esp after thinking about some of them. I would love to do the journey, however, not by bike. See you when you return, George


  5. Jeff & Lissa, Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us…it was a joy and a gift to be able to follow along, living our own experiences of yours, vicariously through you. With love and admiration, Nina


  6. Thank you so much to you two for letting me share your adventures. I’ll miss your blog. Have a safe return.


  7. A true love story and an inspiration to us all of what love should be! I wish you the best for the rest of life’s journeys. May you have many more incredible & touching stories to tell. Please stay in touch, it is my privilege to know you both.


  8. How nice! I am so happy for both of you to have been given this opportunity to do this once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to hear more details.


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