Where Are We?

We have been in Germany for twenty-one days now.  We’ve stayed in nineteen different towns, with nineteen hotels, beds, pillows  and bathrooms. We wake up in the dark, and try to remember where the bathroom is, and whether there are any toe stubbing or knee banging room elements.  We feel around to flush the toilet (European toilets never have simple handles on the tank).

It’s all becoming a blur.  I’m often hard pressed to tell you the name of the town we’re in, much less the hotel name, even less the room number.

We have each other, and the bike, and a credit card.  We have our stuff, always packed up the same way, and we have our routines.  After a ride, we shower, do laundry, wander around town, have dinner, and we’re down for the count.  The next day we have breakfast, pack up, buy something for lunch, and head out on the bike again.  We’ve traversed 850 km, along five rivers. It’s simple; it engages us completely and gives us great pleasure. We’re never bored, although we miss our animals something awful!

The view from our hotel balcony in Klingenberg
The view from our hotel balcony in Klingenberg

3 thoughts on “Where Are We?”

  1. Though, surely meant for a different context, I can’t help but quote Robert Frost: “..And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep”.

    I have been following you along on google maps. I “drove by” ISIS budget hotel while sipping masala tea, sitting on a cozy chair and AC on full blast 😉

    I can’t wait to find out what surprises lie ahead in your vagabondage. Masochistically, I am hoping for another episode similar to Nuremberg because it was hilarious, suspenseful and true to yourselves :). Good call on massage afterwards.

    Good Luck Lissa. Hello to Jeff.


  2. You guys are traveling in a way Art and I would NEVER consider doing. So I am truly enjoying following your adventures. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to your continued journey. Continued safe and adventourous travels.


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