Cycling Across the USA

Cross Country Route - Compressed
My route:  From sea to shining sea

I’m at it again — this time riding a loaded bicycle across the country!

I’ve wanted to do this for years, but after being diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in September of 2013, I thought it would never happen. I didn’t expect to be alive now, much less cycling across the country.  I wasn’t confident that my health and stamina were good enough for such a demanding physical effort.  Last year’s solo ride along the Pacific coast changed all that for me. I rode more than 1200 hilly miles on a heavily loaded bike, and discovered that I could do it.

While I always thought I would take this ride with friends, it turns out that I’ll be doing most of it alone. I enjoy the freedom of letting the trip unfold — without any schedules, expectations or goals, other than making it across the country, and a couple stops for chemotherapy along the way.

My friend, Bill, will be joining me for the first week of the trip.  I will be carrying a SPOT satellite tracking device, so that my wife, Lissa, and all of our friends can follow my progress.

16 thoughts on “Cycling Across the USA”

  1. Jeff, I am glad you can do this and equally glad you enjoy it. I have to admit I could follow along with you in my car, I could carry your load for you. Have fun, George


  2. Wow, Jeff! What a trip—and what an inspiration you are! Will follow your progress and also here for Lissa. Thanks for posting. Safe and fun travels!


  3. Happy Trials To You.. Follow Your Dreams Jeff.. you have taught me so much in the many years I have known you and even though we don’t see each other often anymore, you still continue to teach and inspire me. Live for Today, hope for Tomorrow!


  4. Jeff, it was great to have you stop by on your journey west- wishing you calm winds and lots of downhill 🙂


  5. I am so psyched for you. You are living all our dreams. And I’m so glad we can follow along with you. Be safe, enjoy and see America as it should be seen!


  6. Have a fantastic & safe journey! Neil & I will be following you on your adventure 🚵!
    Barb Flint


  7. Ran into you today at the Eagle Scout built adorandack near South Park, PA that you were camping in for the night! It was great to meet you, and chat with you for a bit. Sounds like you have a pretty amazing story to tell, best of luck to you on your journey!


  8. Sorry to read you are still down for a little bit. Hoping your leg heals quickly and you are back on your bike soon. It’s great you are keeping everyone up to date . Glad to hear biopsy didn’t show cancer. Keep the faith as God does change our plans sometimes.


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